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Johnny Appleweed: VA Cannabis Seeds & DC Delivery Dispensary refers to Jonathan Zinski as “Old Dominion’s Johnny Appleseed of weed.” On the first day Virginia legalized recreational cannabis Zinski staged a statewide seed giveaway. Well…”he’s back!” On November 13th Zinski plans to give away more than 100,000 cannabis seeds. This process will happen simultaneously at 11 locations in ten different cities across Virginia. According to all the seeds have been donated, mostly by “out-of-state pot seed distributors.”

So let’s be clear on the law in Virginia. The Virginian Pilot informs that there is a four plant limit per household for growing cannabis. Plants must be tagged with name, driver’s license number, and a notation that it is being grown for personal use (seriously!) In addition growers” must take precautions to prevent unauthorized access by persons younger than 21 and plants may not be visible to the public.”

To be clear, while cannabis is recreational legal there is no place to legally purchase it for recreational use in Virginia. Some have gained access to medicinal dispensaries. However, another recent article in expressed frustrations with people getting their card, the ridiculous lines, and scant selection of the medical dispensaries.  

Kudos to those on their journey to grow their cannabis. Good luck! I had a friend that invested serious time and resources into growing plants in Washington DC. His stuff was good but the time and energy he had to put into the endeavor was the definition of “the law of diminishing returns”

We both now laugh at how it was and it is so much easier to deal with a DC delivery dispensary. We have been dealing with Select Co-ops for years. There is no way he could grow anything on the level of the quality strains we consistently get. So folks in Virginia, you can experiment with your green thumb in the basement…or you can make the short drive to DC and take advantage of Initiative 71. With the Republican takeover of Virginia, it is questionable if recreational dispensaries will even open in the next few years.  

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