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Joe’s Fruit Salad Strain Review

My instant reaction when I heard this strain’s name was I don’t know who the fuck Joe is, but I don’t want no damn fruit salad. I mean “Joe’s Fruit Salad“, as the name of a strain. I’m just going to stop. Strain needs a rename and I can use a re-up on this strain too! Select keep coming with the fire!

Joe’s Fruit Salad is a cross between Agent Orange, Strawberry and Banana Kush. OK, I get it, orange, strawberry, and banana to make a fruit salad. Yes, it tastes of a naturally sweet blend of berries, tropical fruits and a little banana as well. Joe’s Fruit Salad is said to be 70% indica. THC levels can get up to 20%.

This is a trippy almost psychedelic high to go along with the amazing taste. The mental effects come on and have a euphoric sedating warm glow that engulfs you. Giddy happiness may ensue while the body drifts into a more relaxed state whether you choose to or not. Enjoy!

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