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Jilly X Strain Review

Jilly X, aka Jilly bean… Like Jill Scott was known as Jilly from Philly this was named after Jilly that joined the Nation of Islam; Jilly X…or I heard it was named because of the sweetness and the nuggets are the size of a Jellybean. Disappointingly, as far as creativity of names, it is simply named after a grower named Jill. How boring? anyway…

Jillybean, Jilly X, is a cross between Space Queen and Orange Skunk. At least we got some name excitement…But for me that is where the excitement ends. Jilly X is a light hitting indica. It is just not something to get excited about it. It is a jack of many trades, but does not specialize/impress in any one aspect.

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Jillybean has a sweet taste of citrus fruits, mangoes, and hints of lavender. It’s pretty good; not mind-blowing, but tastes good. The THC content is said to be around 17%. Again good, but not impressive. This strain is said to be used to treat mild pain and provide limited muscle relaxing effects. This was a cool toke, but Jillybean is not high on my list of strains to grab.

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