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Jet Fuel Strain Review

Sometimes a name is simply a name. Sometimes folks name a strain after themselves or just to make an imprint on the shopper…but Jet Fuel gets its name from its awesome energizing power! You could damn near fuel a jet off the energizing sativa power of this strain. My guy at Select knew to let me know this came in as soon as I called.

Jet Fuel art

Jet Fuel is a sativa dominant strain. Some say it’s a 70/30 ratio while some say it’s an 80/20 ratio. Try it and you will know who cares about the ratios as the effects speak for themselves. The first hit and a cerebral rush of focus and energized creativity and motivation are immediately present. Novice users are said to be overly giggly and possibly paranoid from the potent energizing effects. Having THC levels around 18% this strain also provides mild pain relief and relaxation. Some report a lazy energy as time wears on. That is not my experience. Jet Fuel simply dissipates over time leaving me with slight munchies and dry-mouth.

Jet Fuel, aka G6, is a cross between Aspen OG and High Country Diesel. The taste of Jet Fuel is kinda obvious. The diesel and gas fumy smell and taste of Diesel definitely comes through in Jet Fuel. Slight skunk and pine elements are present as well. The taste is cool, but grab Jet Fuel for the effects!

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