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Jet Fuel Pie Strain Review

Jet Fuel Pie is here! Great stuff Select Co-op! Break out the Reggae Dancehall selecta voice. “ring the alarm; a new strain is growing, ring the alarm a new strain we smoking, WOOAAH”! Jet Fuel Pie is obviously the crossing of Jet Fuel and Cherry Pie, right?

Wedding Pie

WRONG in my Charlie Murphy voice, RIP! Jet Fuel Pie is the product of crossing Wedding Pie and Jet Fuel Gelato. I was expecting a sativa packed hybrid. Actually this is a balanced hybrid with some sativa focusing elements, but this is indica leaning.

Jet Fuel

The effect is tricky though. While the body is relaxed you are still engaged and focused as well. This strain tastes amazing. The creaminess and fruitiness of the Pie and Gelato mask a slight diesel piney flavor. Enjoy this in the later afternoon to relax while staying focused.

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