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Jet Fuel Gelato Strain Review

Jet Fuel Gelato

I mean Damn Select Co-Op. Where are y’all finding this shit. The strains on deck right now aren’t even fair to ask people to choose from… I had to grab the Chemlato and the Jet Fuel Gelato. I enjoy having such problems of abundance.

Jet Fuel

Abundance is the word. Jet Fuel Gelato gives you everything! First off I usually do not even talk of strain appearances, but this is eye candy. The green hairs are a multitude of hues with purple and red accents while the trichomes are quite large bling blinging with crystals.


What else does Jet Fuel Gelato give you? The best of both of its parent strains. The sativa energy of Jet Fuel blasts you with a rush of energy and focus to get anything done! The diesel taste is present as well. While the Gelato offers some creamy sweetness to the flavor and a relaxed warm body buzz to accompany the blast of awesome energy. Jet Fuel Gelato is a morning bowl of awesomeness to blast you through the day.