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Jelly Roll Strain Review

The name of this strain took me back to some jazz history. What you know about Jelly Roll Morton and the Jelly Roll Blues… Or Louis Armstrong covering it. Dope to check out on Youtube. Anyway, This strain aint a jazz classic but it is definitely funky! Let’s get into some Jelly Roll!

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Jelly Roll is a hybrid strain originating from crossing it with the Gupta Kush strain. This strain is medicine for me. It is labeled a strongly indica dominant. However, I am so focused while being mentally relaxed on this strain. I don’t know whether to call it a indica or a sativa.

The THC levels of Jelly Roll can get up to 23%. The invigorating, but calming effects last for hours. Jelly Roll has a sweet raspberry jam flavor that is coupled with some serious dank funk on the back end. Enjoy Jelly Roll for introspective, reflective, focused activities as its mental effect is a treat.

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