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Jager x Jack Strain Review

There was a time when hip-hop bragged about 40 and a blunt. I never was a beer drinker. Then fancy expensive liquor folks not afford to drink was the focus. That was when I learned of Jager. Jager and a jay was the move for a second.

Let’s try Jager and Jack. Jager x Jack Strain tastes like Jager. It is somewhat licorice tasting with a peppery and sweet smoothness to the smoke. Elements of lemon-lime and piney earth tones linger on the exhale. The taste is amazing. Just amazing!


Jager x Jack, aka XJ-13 is the product of crossing Jack Herer and G-13. This is a strain to enjoy anytime of day for those that can focus through a lighty body haze and lethargy. The mind will be focused but this 50/50 hybrid definitely will relax and soothe the body. This strain can offer up to 22% THC levels with 1% CBD and CBN for therapeutic effects.

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