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Jager Strain Review

Had like 3 shots of Jager…and like 3 bong hits of Jager, imitating Chapelle, imitating the dude, who would be the dude if “The Dude” from the Big Lebowski had a son, dude! I am nice of the Jager. Although, this is a definite non-alcoholic strain it still has the licorice like back-end taste of the Jagermeister fermented enjoyment. For me this bud has the ominous structure of a true indica. Dark army green leaves with blue-like hues of purple lure you into hypnotism before you even blaze a nugget. The dank auroma of the buds has a heavy and thick oak whiskey kind of scent to it. It slowly pulls you into the experience.

The effects are not for the faint-of-heart or new-to-experience. Mos Def has a classic line that holds pertinent in this scenario…”for all my smokers coast to coast, careful first pull is an overdose”. Indica in full effect from jump; muscle relief, pain relief, body relaxation, body tingles, want to wrap-up in a blanket and just smile at time eternal…yes all that happens the instant you it Jager. This is a definite, I know what I want and its couch-lock chill and leave the world alone type of night of Jager. Hit this too early and you may lose connection with the time-space continuum. Users be warned.

Jager is suspected to have genetics near a Hindu Kush lineage and a possible cross of LA Confidential and Blue Dream. While its genetics are a mystery the effects and flavor are clear and direct. The taste follows suit with the licorice smell on initial hit; then a rich earthly, woody, and pine almost diesel blend to savor follows on the back end. The smoke has a sweet not spicy or earthly flavor which is a pleasant shock on first use. The taste is nice to enjoy as one will not do to much after the first hit. The mind is not lethargic or cloudy but just lightly enjoying the ride the body is experiencing. Enjoy a shot…I mean toke!

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