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Jager Strain Review

I always think of Dave Chapelle when I hear Jager. “White dudes catalog how fucked up they get… I had like three shots of Jager, 5 bong hits…” If a fucked up the quote/joke correct me in the comments and… So what you knew what I meant. Dave is kinda correct as I went to high school with predominantly white dudes. I’m distracted, OK the strain we got is Jager y’all. An oldie but… Sleepy classic.

Jager Strain Review Art

It is an oldie, but goody as well but it will put your ass to sleep. Jager is said to be a descendant of an unknown Hindu Kush strain. Jager tastes like… A little like Jagermesiter. There is a sweet kinda licorice taste with some earthy and musk flavor behind it. Jager is an 80% dominant indica strain that catches you as a creeper.

At some point, like a shot of Jager, you will realize that you had too much. Like having a few drinks to many you will be giddy, euphoric, and enjoying the moment… You will also be incapacitated and in no shape to go anywhere or do anything. Jager can get up to the mid twenties with it’s THC level. This is an indica for people that need pain relief and sleep assistance. Use with care folks!

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