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Jack Skellington Strain Review

Jack Skellington as a strain name?! In the DC area there was a term for lying back in the 1990s. This term is “welling!” if anybody remembers it evolved into things like people would say “you live at Wellington Park” to identify a frequent lying-ass person. This strain reminds me of the name but it is the truth! let’s review this strain!

Jack Skellington strain is the product of crossing Killer Queen and Jack the Ripper strains. The result is a 70% sativa dominant strain. Rolling my papers I learned that the buds in this strain are quite resinous and I had to re-roll a looser jay to avoid it clogging up. A good problem to have so hey I’m not complaining!

Select Co-Op Special

Jack Skellington tastes of sweet fruits and a hint of sour diesel. Experienced tokers may appreciate this as a wake and bake strain. It is calming and invigorating at the same time which is the best feeling in the morning. Jack Skellington strain may top out at 18% THC levels. Great recommendation from the folks at Select Co-op definitely will be enjoying this strain! Looking for another strain? Make sure to check out our different strain reviews here!

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