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It’s It Strain Review

In my Dennis Green harsh yelling voice… They are who we thought they are! It is what it is as the commonly used phrase goes… So let’s check out what “It’s it” is all about.


It’s It is definitely it. For the remainder of this review It’s It will be referred to as I2 to avoid pronoun confusion. I2 strain (It’s It) is the product of crossing Gelato and Mint Chocolate Chip. Needless to say this strain tastes amazing. The flavor is an eclectic blend of sweet creamy vanilla and citrus elements balanced by minty sour dark chocolate elements that is delicious.

It’s It can get up to 26% THC levels. This strain offers fun evening effects for relaxation. Do not use this if you have shit to do. The high starts off foggy, cloudy, and giggly euphoric as a mental effect. The fun energy of the high grows along with the relaxing and tingly body numbing effect that will have you lethargic and enjoying the descent into couchlock.

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