It’s Cannapops Season!

By: Ganja Goddess

Ask any kid what their favorite season is, and they will probably say summer. Who can blame them? When you’re a kid, summer days are an endless loop of fun that include little to no responsibility. Adult summers tend to be a little…different. For one, some of us have kids of our own, and projects, Zoom calls, and deadlines always looming on the calendar, the summer season can quickly devolve into a hot, sweaty period where there’s more traffic than seems reasonable at all times and tourists clogging up your regular places. Throwing ribs on the grill, weekend get- together, and quick getaways might be the only time you get a whiff of the carefree days of yore. However, there’s one way you might be able to get that nostalgic summer feeling back: cannabis infused Popsicle, or as I like to call them, cannapops.

Popsicle’s are the perfect summer treat, but they get the redhead stepchild treatment when compared to other sweets. Early on we are indoctrinated with love for brownies and cookies, but there is no more carefree dessert than Popsicle. They’re portable, tasty and customization. Since outside is opening back up, it’s likely you might be invited to a backyard cook out or two. Why not step up your game from bringing another bottle of rosé to the party or mixing up the jungle juice? It’s high time we elevated Popsicle with cannabis.

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its cannapops season

Before making these sweet treats on your own, there’s one thing you need to know. Weed flower is insoluble in water, which means don’t just boil it and add it to the recipe, unless you want skunky, funky tasting water that won’t get you high. To provide lift-off weed needs a binding agent. Fortunately, we live in the time when weed dispensaries are considered essential businesses so you should be able to get a cannabis tincture or cannabis enriched coconut oil fairly easily. However, if your local place is out or you just want to experiment, you can make your own with your strain of choice ( we love Sherbet and Pineapple ). Either way, you’ll need a cannabis-infused binder to make your treats.

These ice-cold treats combine coconut milk and your fruit of choice to make a pretty, swirly ice pop that’s fruity, tropical and gorgeous. Break out the Popsicle molds and sticks and get ready for a yummy adults-only treat. As with all edibles, it’s stronger than you think. So, don’t overdo it, and keep them out of reach from curious kiddies.

Strawberry Peach Cannapops

Prep Time: 30 minutes

Start to Finish: 4 Hours

Yields: 12 cannapops

Approximate dosage: 5 mg per Popsicle, but potency strongly depends on you. You know the cooking phrase “season to taste”? That applies here.


Popsicle molds

Popsicle sticks

Bowl and hand whisk or blender


2 ½ cups fresh strawberries, with stems cut (can substitute pineapple blueberries, mango, watermelon, raspberries, or kiwi- any fresh summer fruit you prefer)

2 cups canned peaches in water or light syrup

2 tbsp your THC or CBD tincture of choice

1 can coconut milk 1 lime, cut in half Agave or honey to taste

How To

Cut lime in half. Combine coconut milk, your tincture of choice, and juice from half a lime in a bowl and set aside.

Combine fruit, honey and juice from half a lime in blender. Blend and pulse until fruit is finely chopped.

Add fruit to the bowl with the coconut milk mixture. Add additional sweetener to taste or cut with more lime if it’s too sweet. Pour the mix into the Popsicle molds and place in freezer without Popsicle sticks.

Freeze for 1 hour, then add Popsicle sticks to mixture and place back in freezer until frozen, usually 2-3 hours.

This recipe lends itself well to almost any combination of fruits, citrus juice, and herbs you like. Blood Orange and Mango is a delicious combination, while watermelon and mint is a summer classic. The good news is that summer is long, so have plenty of time to get your perfect combination just right.