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Italian Ice Strain Review

This strain is truly nostalgic in name. Do they even still make Italian Ice anymore? Fancy in name and simple in ingredients. We used to crush those little sugar, honey, fruit and juice frozen cups. This strain is aptly named for its taste to remind you of the old treat; and let me break out the DJ Clue metal echo voice for y’all, “new strain, new strain”.

Forbidden Fruit

Italian Ice is the product of crossing Forbidden Fruit and Gelato 45. This strain tastes of a mixture of tropical fruits, berries, sweet and sweet cream. The exhale is slightly harsh containing elements of pine and spicy earth flavors. Great recommendation from Select Co-op as I needed some wind flowers for the evenings.

Gelato 45

Italian Ice Strain can get up to 25%THC levels. While it is an indica the effect is not very heavy. The strain definitely relaxes the body and will put you to sleep if you are tired. However, if you are active during the day this will simply relax you and mellow you out without couch locking you. 

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