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Island Girl Strain Review

Thank you Select Co-op. It is time to break out the DJ Clue metal monochrome echo voice. “New strain, new strain”. Sativa lovers that want to chill with the mind engaged, focused, and elated then this strain is for you. The name of this strain makes me think of “Hawaiian Sophie”, the old cut by JAZ featuring Jay-Z as the hype man.

strawberry cheesecake

Let’s get into Island Girl strain. Island Girl is a sativa dominant hybrid made from crossing Island Skunk and Platinum Cookies. This bud looks amazing with a swirl of radiating ambers, crystal white outgrowths, and hues of slight purple with lime green. I appreciate this strain for an afternoon mental focusing effect with functional body relaxation.

Mango Sherbet

This strain also made me think of Hawaiian Sophie as you want to engage the environment and enjoy the day while the body wants to chill. This is a great strain for socializing or chilling to write, make, or simply watch something. Enjoy sativa lovers!

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