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Is Online Cannabis Training Worth It?

By: Ganja Goddess

2020 has been a year of transition for many, and for some that means switching industries through additional education. With some schools opening and promptly closing for in person instruction, institutions of higher learning are being forced to adjust their style. The uncertainty of the educational landscape has caused continuing education courses to surge. Interest in the cannabis industry is at an all-time high and since cannabis was declared an essential business earlier this year, a number of students see it as a great opportunity to learn the business of cannabis in a more formalized setting.

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Jeff Zorn, CEO of Cannabis Training University, says that the online college is registering 1,000 new students a month. CTU is the words largest online cannabis training program. It began in 2009 and claims to have graduated more students of any other online cannabis institute. CTU isn’t a university in the traditional sense, but it prevails as a go-to learning resource for those interested in the industry, and currently offers 9 certificates. Certificates are built around extensive video courses that walk through training scenarios, including guidelines for opening a dispensary, medical marijuana law, and medical applications of marijuana. Keep reading to find out whether CTU is worth it for you.

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The good:

  • The program claims to be the only cannabis training college that gives updated cannabis laws for every state and country in the world. It also claims to be the only legitimate cannabis certification recognized in both the US and Canada.
  • There are no cannabis Ph.D.’s, but CTU has someone pretty close. Ed Rosenthal, former High Times columnist and current cannabis activist, is aligned with the program and makes his latest works available to participants.
  • The programming is comprehensive. Want to learn to cook with cannabis? There’s a video for that. Prefer to grow? There are several videos for that. The program makes videos and reading materials available for anyone who wants them, and in plain language that makes it easy to digest.
  • The program is affordable. As more reputable schools begin to offer cannabis curriculum, it may become difficult for the people most affected by cannabis legislation to transition to ownership and business knowledge. CTU offers all of its certifications for less than $600, which is a fraction of the cost of similar programs and college aligned programs. This is a great thing. Cannabis business should not be limited only to those with access to a college education.
  • There’s a job board, and thusly access to some jobs if you’re looking to make an industry switch.
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The bad:

  • Cannabis Training University lays it on a little thick with the “university” language on the site. There’s no faculty and no research papers. This program is like many other online programs, with Power Points, videos, and eBooks. It’s a good option for someone who wants to learn more about cannabis industry broadly.
  • Access to the program lasts for one year, which seems limited for learning and retaining information. After a year you lose access, and have to pay again, which kind of bites.
  • If you’re already working in the industry, CTU may not be the best way to learn more. It’s a good starting point for a beginner but doesn’t have a lot for those who are a bit more experienced.
  • There’s no hands-on training because the program is online. You’ll still need to learn by trial and error.
  • Reviews suggest that the certificate is better in some states than others.

The verdict:

CTU was the first to the online cannabis program, which means it’s pretty well respected. It probably won’t turn you into a well-known cannabis investor, but if you’re an industry novice it’s a great way to better understand the context around cannabis and get an idea of your fit for different areas of the industry. It’s also quite affordable, with occasional discounts on the entire program. It’s worth checking out if you’re new to the industry or feel intimidated by the prospect of pulling the information from different corners of the internet yourself.

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