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Iron Lotus Strain Review

Tranquilizer alert…. I repeat… Tranquilizer alert! You know sometimes you just need a little help to wind down in the evening especially after a long day of working. Let me tell you Iron Lotus is a lot more than just a little help. This powerful indica is not for lightweights I could barely handle it! Great Recommendation from Select definitely helped me relax after having a long day. Now lets get into this strain review!

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Iron Lotus is the product from crossing Bubba Kush and Master Kush. This strain is said to be 90% indica dominant. It honestly might as well be 100% indica if we’re being honest. Iron Lotus may top out at 23% THC levels and offer 1% CBD. I HIGHLY recommend this as an evening strain because let me tell you, you will be relaxed on the couch watching tv not wanting to do anything.

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Iron Lotus tastes of spicy dank cheese as well as smooth earth tone elements. Great recommendation, Select Co-op. I needed something to wind down and this did more than expected! If you’re looking to check out more strains or just enjoy my articles make sure to check them all out here!

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