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Nov 2, 2022
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Inhale Thanksgiving on White Runtz: November’s Leafly HighLight

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North American weed smokers keep running up the score for White Runtz. At turkey dinners from LA to Miami, heads puff tough on White Runtz flower bags big and small, and pre-rolls cheap and fancy. White Runtz oil fuels cartridges and dabs coast to coast.

It’s Leafly’s Strain of the Year 2020, Runtz, just with the wattage turned up. And now, White Runtz earns our Leafly HighLight for November 2022.

Sheesh! Umma Sonoma White Runtz. (Courtesy Ummas Sonoma)

Just like classic Runtz, White Runtz comes from crossing Gelato and Zkittlez—aka Z now. Fierce competition in the Runtz space attests to the strain’s success. Top breeder Compound Genetics released a winning White Runtz that’s Gelato #33 x Z. At least three other breeders offer the strain because it’s got what stoners crave—candy-gas terps and an indica-hybrid afternoon effect. 

Some folks notice peach or vanilla notes in White Runtz, and almost everyone rates it well. White Runtz earns a 4.6 average rating out of 5, after 236 reviews. Medical and recreational cannabis fans alike get down with its body-leaning hybrid effects.

“Wow!!! My feet are so far away! It feels like my head is full of bubbly vanilla soda. Definitely recommend this strain,” said one reviewer.

“It totally feels like vanilla bubbly soda,” another reviewer agreed.

Some report relief from chronic pain, stress, or insomnia. Others just liked shopping on it.

“I’m flying through Walmart! I’m definitely smoking this again!! I have never been this high and ready to move in my life!”

Novices, go slow. White Runtz’s strong THC scores can make you dizzy, or nervous at altitude. 

White Runtz (Courtesy Cookies)
White Runtz (Courtesy Cookies)

How much does White Runtz cost?

Affordable White Runtz blankets the nation. (Sasha Beck)
Affordable White Runtz blankets the nation. (Sasha Beck)

Lots of growers means White Runtz sells cheap. Even top-shelf White Runtz faces pricing pressure this fall. Location determines the final price. White Runtz pre-rolls go for as low as $3 in Oregon. California eighths run about $30. White Runtz oil costs almost three times as much in Illinois compared to Cali. And a luxury White Runtz price band in Cali includes $85 grams of rosin, or $22 high-end joints from KGB Reserve.


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Low-grade Mid-grade High-grade
1 gram pre-roll $3 $7 $13
1/8-ounce flower $20 $30 $40
1 gram live resin $24 $35 $60
White Runtz average US prices

White Runtz seeds

Get in the game with some Runtz seeds. (Sasha Beck)
Get in the game with some Runtz seeds. (Sasha Beck)

Everybody touts a Runtz cross for you to grow this winter, so you can branch out. At the top of the pack: 

See also: Humboldt Seed Org Auto Runtz, Clearwater Genetics White Runtz x Black Velvet, and Skunk House Genetics Candy Mike.

White Runtz awards

Winner winner, White Runtz for dinner. (Sasha Beck)
Winner winner, White Runtz for dinner. (Sasha Beck)

White Runtz and the family’s trophy collection can snap cheap shelves. Among them, Runtz took home firsts at the Emerald Cup 2019, 2020, and 2021, and 2022. Runtz wins run the product spectrum, too: flower, live resin, BHO, and live rosin. Hot damn.

White Runtz terpenes

A terp triforce of zaza awaits.(Sasha Beck)
A terp triforce of zaza awaits.(Sasha Beck)

It’s cool to see pungent limonene leading the terp pack for White Runtz, followed by the stalwart caryophyllene, then the floral linalool. That right there is a triforce of zaza in 2022. Shoutout White Runtz flowers grown by Umma Sonoma, Cookies, Node Labs, Compound Genetics, and so many more.

Other highlights this November

Some places haven’t got White Runtz yet, or it’s sold out. Here are Runtz three more ways.

Banana Runtz

If you ever make a hit strain, we guarantee someone’s gonna cross it to the perennial favorite, Banana OG. Solfire Gardens slapped some ‘nana on Runtz to brighten the tropical terp and balance out the effect. Our reviewers got aroused, uplifted, and tingly on this hybrid. There’s always money in the Banana Runtz.

Pink Runtz

(Sasha Beck)
(Sasha Beck)

Runtz’s hype invites heavy counterfeiting. So it’s poetic that a team called Copycat Genetix leads with their Pink Runtz—reportedly a Pink Panties female pollinated by a reversed Runtz. Pink Panties helped build the GSC family of strains into No. 1. Pink Runtz rocks a pink hue, and tastes fruity and sweet, with giggly hybrid effects. 

Pink Certz

(Sasha Beck)

When you get bored of that Runtz life, broaden your palate into the mints with Pink Certz. Compound’s The Menthol x Grape Gas keeps taking home trophies. Pink Certz has a minty, grape, fuel taste, a hybrid, chill effect, and a surging following.

And that’s a rap on Runtz this time. Go even deeper into the Runtz craze here. And have a lovely holiday.

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