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Incredible Hulk Strain Review

I do not think of the Incredible Hulk as an all brute force. Reflecting upon self has me analyzing the Hulk within us all. How we have a side that yearns to be unleashed and destroy without a second’s thought… or maybe I got some shit to deal with and this strain is just amazing. Thank to Select Co-op for this strain now lets get into this strain review!

Incredible Hulk is a Sativa Dominant Hybrid (70% Sativa / 30% Indica.) This brings out the dynamic, creative, and silly aspects of the mind. Then I was fooled, I was hoodwinked. I was not expecting a descent into couchlock; but that is what happened.

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I now know this is an evening after work strain but I highly recommend to smoke this strain after work! Although Incredible Hulk is the product of Jack Herer and Green Crack the after effects hit like a hard indica. This strain can get up to 19% THC levels so, this strain tastes like piney, herbal, skunk with hints of diesel. I should have asked Select Co-op about the effects! If you’re looking for a different strain or got your eyes on something else make sure to check out all my articles here!

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