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Ice Queen Strain Review

This strain reminds me of my ex and not in a good way. The first reminder is you can’t judge a book by its cover or a strain by its name. The second reminder is the actual name of the strain Ice Queen.

Again, do not judge a book by its cover or strain by its name. I assumed Ice Queen was an indica and was going to overlook it. However, my folks at Select steered me the right way! Ice Queen is a 90% sativa dominant beautiful strain. Ice Queen is for sativa lovers that want a dynamic wake and bake morning energizing strain.

Ice Queen can get up to 23% THC levels. This strain is the product of crossing White Widow and Princess strains. Ice Queen has a unique taste profile. I did not expect the lavender or lilac taste. It is subtly sweet and balanced by a spicy pine flavor on the exhale. Enjoy this strain anytime of day my sativa lovers!

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