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Feb 19, 2021
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Ice Cream Runtz VS Game Changer

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“Unlike the heavy hitting Ice Cream Runtz, suited for OG smokers, Game Changer is a lighter hitting strain perfect for rookies or weekend smokers.”


Finally, the 1st matchup of the tournament involving a “Runtz” strain. What better parents could a strain ask for besides Gelato #33 and Wedding Cake? Possessing a sweat taste reminiscent of a vanilla sugar cookie, Ice Cream Runtz packs a sugary but vicious bite in each pull. The combination of a relaxed mind and body high sends the smoker down a long winding road ending in nap time. Very few strains possess a combination of beauty, flavor and effects that can simply be described as straight gas! Like most Indica dominant strains, Ice Cream Runtz is perfect for night time use when productivity is no longer required. With THC levels commonly testing up to 25%, this strain is perfect for smokers looking for relief from stress, depression, anxiety and chronic pain.

Game Changer

Unlike the heavy hitting Ice Cream Runtz, suited for OG smokers, Game Changer is a lighter hitting strain perfect for rookies or weekend smokers. With slow acting effects, some may ask “Am I high?” Before giddiness and jumbled thoughts take over. Game Changer is known to stimulate creativity and unlike other Indica dominant strains the mental high provides clarity and focus instead of a hazy or foggy high. The combination of high THC and CBD levels provides a euphoric, uplifting feeling perfect for individuals dealing with mood swings and depression. Being a well-balanced strain makes Game Changer a preferred strain for morning wake and bake sessions or evening use before bed.

Ice Cream Runtz

As far as the winner, well it was not close as the well renowned Ice Cream Runtz AKA Ice Cream Cake moves on to the next round of tournament where it will face off against the legendary San Fernando Valley OG out of Cali. Not many strains have stood the test of time and have the name recognition from Coast to Coast as SFV OG. This will be a classic matchup featuring prominent strains from the Indica and Sativa families. Smokers will not be surprised if either strain made a deep run in the tournament to stake claim as the best strain of 2021.

Tune in next week as we march 1 step closer to crowning a champion of the March to Madness Tournament.

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