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Ice Cream Runtz Strain Review

Ice Cream Runtz

Ice Cream Runtz Strain… Implies ice cream mixed with candy flavors. Right? I suspect the sweetness of an indica variety here. I also suspect indica sleep-time energy. I have had some serious knee pain resurface and am looking for just that! So lets see what this strain is all about!

Yep, this is the ticket. Ice Cream Runtz, aka Ice Cream Cake is the product of Gelato 33 and Wedding Cake. The result is naturally a deliciously decadent tasting vanilla, nutty, and sugary sweet treat. The smoke is like cream frosting you get to eat off of the knife you cut the cake with.

This strain can get up to 25% levels of THC. The effects are simple and what I wanted. I felt euphoric, giddy, and an instant relaxed happiness. 15 minutes later the couch-lock was on and the descent into sleep happened… Who knows when because I was asleep!

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