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Ice Cream Charlie Strain Review

Y’all remember Ice Cream Charlie; the dude who wore the white butter soft leather loafers with the white linen suits so they called him “Ice Cream”… No my bad, he was the light-skinned dude who was cold as ice on the court and his jumper was sweet so they called him “Ice Cream”. Okay, truth is I don’t know Ice Cream Charlie. Haven’t heard anything about him. He is a ghost! My guy at Select Co-op recommended I grab it so let’s check it out.

The trichomes layering the buds of Ice Cream Charlie are like frosting or powdered sugar on top of dessert. Reminiscent of the ice cream strain this beauty has oblong nuggets of dark green and amber hairs. The amber hairs are like that of strawberries as an extra treat in a bowl of ice cream. The terpenes release scents of creamy fruity milkshake and subtle sweet spices.

Ice Cream Charlie hits with a balanced blend of effects. Initially moderate sativa last of cerebral euphoria starts the experience. Joy and elation arise with a mental clarity that is light and fun. Slowly the body effects began to creep in to the picture. Enjoy as care and worry slip away as the body wants to become less and less active. I did not feel major pain relief or sedation but was relaxed of anxiety and prepared for a good night’s sleep.