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Ice Cream Cake Strain Review

I get these cake strains mixed up as there are so damn many of them. Wedding Cake, Birthday Cake, London Pound Cake… Dave Chapelle as the Black President comes to mind right now… “The (bama) got Yellow Cake son…Yellow Cake!” Let’s check out some Ice Cream Cake.


If you didn’t know all the Cake strains are beautifully tasting indica dominant hybrids. They all come from different origins. Many of them are a cross between strains of cookies, pies, cake, in the parent’s name and the offspring is tasty creamy like cake experience in taste. Anyway y’all, Ice Cream Cake is the product of crossing Gelato and Wedding Cake.

Wedding Cake

Pretty cool name as gelato is kind of like ice cream so mix it with a wedding cake for an Ice Cream Cake. It tastes like a gelato cake. The taste is sweet and creamy with a nutty vanilla almost cheesecake flavor to it. This strain is said to be 75% indica. It may be 90 to 100%. Expect the time to dissipate with each toke into an altered state of relaxation.

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