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I shall Vape …continued!

So I have looked at a few portable vaping contraptions.   I am getting more serious about retiring the papers and cones.  Lately, aside from my concerns about lung health I am just tired of the mess and waist.  I am liking the heavy smoke in my space, ashes, and rolling process less and less.  Sometimes I also just watch how much cannabis is just being burnt up in the papers between hits like that is literally money going up in smoke.  

In this article I am checking out some of the top three stationary, at-home, non-portable vaporizers. To revisit, I am on a mission to vape as I am more concerned about my lung heath. Although I grow strikingly younger like Benjamin Button, my lungs unfortunately do not.  There are advantages and benefits to vaping  over smoking marijuana flowers.  However, there  are still detriments to inhaling substances known to have carcinogenic elements like cannabis.  My evolution is taking my vaping and consuming cannabis through food products.  But for now here are the three vaping options I am looking at for home use.  

First up is the dopely named Dr. Dabber Switch.  I shall remember and put some spect on that name!  The Dr. Dabber Switch  is said to be a structure standing over a foot tall and about 4 inches wide at the base.  This is not something to conceal.  Post that bad boy proudly on the book table.  The highlight of the Dr. Dabber is that it neither uses conduction or convection heating.  To heat flowers and concentrates the Dr Dabber Switch utilizes a highly efficient induction heating method for optimal flavor benefits.  This vaporizer is highly recommended and is said to be worth the price of $400.  

Next I am looking at the Hydrology9  vaporizer made by Cloudious9.  I think I went to elementary school with a dude named Cloudious.  The Hydology9 vaporizer is a flower only product boasting features such as a leak-proof liquid filtration system, porcelain oven chamber, adjustable temperature settings, and an easy to use stir tool bottom cap for flower input.  I want to experience this water filtration system feature.  The Hydrology 9 pricing begins at $200 with “kits” ranging from $280 to $500.

I am also looking at the Arizer Extreme Q Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer.  The main feature of this product is the optional whip or balloon draw feature for vapor delivery.  The heating element is ceramic and has glass-on-glass components.  Honestly, the main attraction for me is familiarity to what I have used in the past and a little bit of nostalgia to the first vaporizers I saw back in the day. This is not a technologically advanced product but is classically effective and efficient.  The Arizer Extreme Q is around $150

I am pretty sure I am getting the DRAY DRY vaporizer as a portable vaporizer.  For home use I am toen between just buying the best in the Dr. Dabber or getting the Hydrology 9 and the Arizer Extreme Q.  The both combine to equal the price of the Dr. Dabber, which is said to be awesome. I think I would also enjoy the option of the water filtrated vaporizer or the old school bag draw.  I may just get all three.  Anybody with experience with any of these or better products please let  us me know about it.  4:20 out!

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