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I-95 Strain Review

My curious nature is being annoyed and aggravated by this strain. Why is this strain called I-95? Did folks have to transport it up and down I-95 knowing the dangers of NJ, VA, MD, and NC state troopers? Is it simply an East Coast legend? At any rate its lineage and genetics themselves are legendary.  

i95 art

I-95 is a creation made from crossing Stardawg with Triangle Kush and Legend OG by Top Dawg Genetics. The scent alone pulls me in craving to fire it up instantly. I-95 reeks of pungent octane diesel and a sour dankness that stinks so good. The taste confirms what you are smelling with a blast of diesel and sweet funky pine to excite the taste buds.  

I-95 is a balanced hybrid strain offering a synthesis of invigorating and relaxing effects. The first toke hits with euphoric bliss that fills the mind with peaceful and happy energy. Slowly a wave of body relaxation builds to match the mental effects. The relaxing effects build over time and lead one to an enjoyable mild sedative effect. While sleep, or couch-lock is not certain, but a slowing down of energy is likely to come. Enjoy in the evening.  

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