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May 29, 2021
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Hybrid Salads For Exquisite Highs

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Last culinary edition we focused on sativa cannabis salads. Well mostly, we always have to add something extra. If you have not seen our delicious salad recommendations before, then be prepared for a treat. Realize some call salads what most people I know have been doing for years, cleverly mixing strains to maximize effects and taste.  

Rs 11 New

First up on our menu is the wake and bake hybrid mixture of RS11 and Goji berries. The first thing to be said of this combination is the amazing taste. You will experience a decadent blend of spicy licorice, tropical berries, citrus fruits, nutty vanilla, with a diesel Earth tone after taste. These strains combine to offer a mentally invigorating effect that primes you for action and to conquer the day. 

That ends the wake and bake portion of the menu. For a nice mid-day snack or early evening appetizer I recommend mixing Area 41 and GSC. Both of these strains are hybrids with calming effects that focus the mind. Mixing these two strains increases the sativa cerebral effect. The mind is more focused than off either strain alone, while also maintaining the functional relaxation properties.  

Another early afternoon or early evening option also involves GSC. Mixing GSC with Goji berries puts a governor on the sativa effects of Goji Berry strain and the indica effects of GSC. This mixture is a sativa cerebral focusing effect that will offer slight relaxation. This mixture tastes awesome. The spicy licorice of Goji Berry stands out along with the nutty vanilla flavor of GSC.  

The final two hybrid salads are not wake and bake strains per se (as they do not physically energize you), but will have you focused and functional at any time of day. First I would give mixing Area 41 and RS11 a try. Area 41 is an anytime strain that focuses the mind, but relaxes the body in a functional state of sedation. While the sedation is still there adding RS11 and Goji Berry to it will sharpen the mind and give more cerebral energy to focus on mental tasks. 

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