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Aug 28, 2023
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How to Lemon Tek Shrooms and 11 Things to Know Before Starting

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Lemon Tek Testimonials: Here’s What People Are Saying

Co-author of The Psilocybin Mushroom Bible Dr. K Mandrake sums up how little we really conclusively know about lemon tekking:

“All of the knowledge on lemon tek is purely theoretical, based on the knowledge that psilocybin dephosphorylation is increased under acidic conditions combined with users generally reporting a quicker onset when using the Tek. It’s a fairly reasonable hypothesis, but hasn’t really been tested properly as far as I’m aware.”


So the scientific jury is still out on this one, as long as the current legal restrictions on psilocybin’s use and study persist. Therefore, to have the last word, here are some relevant firsthand quotes excerpted from this thread about lemon tekking on the Shroomery message boards, separated by username.


“In my experience, the lemon tek makes the trip a lot more intense. It hits you waaaay faster and a lot harder but doesn’t last quite as long…I don’t know by how much it will multiply the dosage but it definitely makes it a lot stronger. If your normal dose is one gram of pan cyans then I really wouldn’t recommend lemon tekking one gram. Cut the dosage in half or even thirds if you want to play it safe. Better safe than sorry!”


“Personally i like lemon tek, I think it’s more economical because you can get more out of less, but I have also had very bad times lemon tekking a full 3.5 grams, the peak of it felt like I was stuck in dmt hyperspace essentially, parallel realities spawning randomly every time I had a new thought.”


“I do lemon tea every time, the peak is indeed a little more intense, and the trip is shorter. Mostly it’s just a matter of adjustment to the very rapid onset of psychedelia. I personally don’t see any reason to reduce the dose from what you normally take, just make sure you’re lying down and listening to some good tunes because when it hits you, you will be tripping balls and you won’t have any time to ease into it. I suppose if you’re wanting to walk around and be social then lemon tek is a bad idea, but it’s actually great for really intense but shorter and more manageable shamanic sessions and once you master your fear the intense come on can give you a nice rush of euphoria. High doses with lemon tek can almost feel like a roll in terms of euphoria.”

Triple Helix:

“I lemon tekd 2.5 grams of cubensis for my first time and was catapulted into an insane reality. Like feelthejourney said, I was humbled by the mushrooms to say the least. One second everything seemed a little off…. next second I have no concept of time, space, or who I am. It was incomprehensible, but for that reason, also incredible.”


LogicaL Chaos:

“My new preference is a pseudo-lemon tek, i.e. i use a tropical fruit juice blend, put it in a shot glass, add some powdered shrooms, let soak for a couple minutes then shoot the shot back, repeat until my shroom powder is used up.”

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