How To Know When It’s Time For A Tolerance Break

By: Ganja Goddess

Some say too much of a good thing is never enough, but that doesn’t apply to cannabis. What are you supposed to do when the same strains that had you knocked on your ass a few weeks ago wear off in 20 minutes? The solution: take a tolerance break. Any cannabis lover who has felt more flat than high after a smoke sesh or two can tell you that a t-break will help with feeling the impact of your favorite strain in no time. High tolerance is a signal that THC is no longer affecting your brain in the way it once did. The higher your tolerance, the more cannabis you need to feel the effects of your favorite strains. T- breaks can last as little as 24 hours and a long as several years. How long you decide to break is entirely up to you, but here are some indicators that it might be time to take a break.

Tolerance Break Art

1. Your tolerance has gotten too high. Sometimes there’s a moment when it feels like you just can’t get high any more. This is a big indicator that it might be time for a system reset. As long as you give yourself time to clear your head, you should be on the road to feeling the effects again in no time because let’s be real, who wants to spend good money to feel nothing?

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2. You’re feeling gross (internally). Sometimes I take breaks from sugar, fast food, fried foods, and alcohol because too much of these things makes me feel sluggish and just not at my best. For me, this manifests itself through constant dry mouth, dehydration, and headaches. When I start feeling that way for a week or more, I know it’s time to put the weed down.

3. Cannabis is messing with other parts of your life. If you’re suddenly late for appointments all the time, messing up at work, or skipping personal obligations like going to the gym or writing that business plan you’ve been meaning to do forever, in favor of additional smoke sessions, you might need a break.

Tolerance Break Art 2

4. You’re spending too much money. If you’re spending an extra few bucks on your normal order because you have friends coming over or you need to stock up for an unknown amount of time like say, during a pandemic sure. However, if you’re spending hundreds (or thousands? I don’t know your budget) of additional dollars on cannabis chasing a high, then you might want to take a little break.

5. You’re spending too much time alone. Look, the lonely stoner frees his mind at night, we know. However, if you’re always by yourself because you want to smoke, it might be time to head outside for a little while. Get some fresh air, and spend some time with your loved ones. Get out of your comfort zone and establish some connections with like minded friends and family. If you don’t have those things, try some new activities that will bring new people your way.

6. You don’t feel creative without it. Cannabis frees your mind up for creative endeavors and some strains are known to be particularly inspiring. Now, that doesn’t mean that the creativity comes from your bong. It comes from you. Try getting inspiration from somewhere else. Live music, journalism, a visit to your local museum, and online classes are some ways to think about what makes you tick and what inspires you.

Taking a break can be the best way to rejuvenate mentally and physically so that you’re ready to bounce back and get back to enjoying the good stuff. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, after all.