How To Clean Your Bong

How To Clean Your Bong

Bongs – almost every cannabis-lover has one. A bong can be a beautiful work of art, but, let’s face it, bongs that are in regular-rotation are often gross, resin-coated, smelly Petri dishes of germs and bacteria. The tarry build-up that accumulates in a bong from use can be difficult to clean, even for the most well-intentioned smoker. Some turn to harsh chemicals to clean out their bongs, without realizing that these can leave dangerous residue behind, which is toxic to the lungs when heated.

Here is a complete instruction manual on how to keep your bong sanitary and pristine using natural ingredients that won’t harsh your mellow.

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Why Clean Your Bong Regularly

Even a minimally dirty bong can negatively affect your marijuana experience. A big part of the pot-smoking experience is sensory. When your bong is less than fresh, it will affect the way the smoke tastes. If you don’t want your smoke to taste like rotting fruit, clean your bong! Think about it, a dirty bong is a perfect environment for bacteria to thrive. Between the stagnant water that resides in the bottom, and the tarry residue that collects on the walls, a dirty bong is akin to a swamp.

The foul odor that a swamp emits comes from an overgrowth of mold and bacteria. Bacteria accumulates in a used bong after 22 hours. The longer your bong stays dirty the more bacteria that will be present inside of it. Light up a dirty bong and you will be ingesting foul odors and bacteria directly into your lungs — EWW! Nothing good can come from that.

Another reason to submit your bong to regular sanitization is that the longer you wait to clean it, the harder it will be to accomplish. The resin will not only be caked on, but it will also be baked on, requiring a mammoth scrub. Better to spend a few minutes cleaning your bong regularly than having to commit hours to the task.

How Often Should You Clean Your Bong

Whether you’re a heavy smoker or a casual smoker, I recommend cleaning your bong daily after use. At a minimum, clean it every 48-hours. Not only will you avoid the issues of harmful bacteria growth, but this habit will allow you to enjoy great flavors and aromas every time you take a hit. Think about it, the advantage of a bong is that it reduces some of the hazards of smoking. Bong smoking is meant to be the cleanest way to inhale marijuana. If you don’t clean your bong regularly, not only are you eliminating this very important aspect, but you are putting yourself at risk to ingest ash, mold, and bacteria, all of which are hazardous to your lungs.

So Fresh And So Clean – A Guide

While it’s impossible to reach down into your bong and scrub away the sticky mess, with a few simple household items you can keep your bong sparkling, like OutKast’s greatest hit.

Here’s what you will need:

• Hot Water
• Rubbing Alcohol
• Salt
• Cotton Balls
• Q-tips
• A Towel
• Resealable Plastic Baggies, or Containers with lid • Bottle Brush

First, Dump Out The Dirty Bong Water.

I know this seems obvious but you might be under the influence while doing this, so I want to make sure to remind you, do not skip this important step.

Next, Take Your Bong Apart.

Separate the bowl and the stem from the bong proper. If your bowl and your stem are two pieces, separate those as well. If your bong has any other removable parts, take those apart as well.

Rinse Everything With Hot Water.

Now that your bong is completely disassembled submit the parts to a surge of hot, running water. This will start the cleaning process and it will dislodge some of the surface resin, breaking the bonds that hold the gunk in place. Do this using the hottest water you can tolerate. The hotter the water, the more effective it will be at removal. Utilizing water over 110 degrees offers increased sanitization.

Put Each of the Pieces Into Separate Resealable Plastic Baggies or Bowls.

Once you put each piece inside the plastic baggie, or container add in at least a 1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol and three to five tablespoons of salt. The alcohol will act as a sanitizer, also it is mildly acidic which helps to breakdown the sticky residue built up inside your bong. The salt is an abrasive which will help to scrub your bong clean.

Now It’s Time To Shake Things Up

Seal your baggies or containers and shake things up. Note, this is why it’s important to use plastic containers, not glass. Shake things vigorously to ensure that the solution gets on all surfaces. You’ll want to shake things for at least five minutes. When you think you’re done shake things up some more.

Rinse (And Repeat)

Remove the pieces from their respective receptacles and rinse with hot water. If some residual gunk remains on your bong, repeat the process and engage your bottle brush cleaner, while the bong is submerged in the alcohol/salt solution. This should tackle the most stubborn stains.