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Jul 20, 2020
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How to Choose the Right Cannabis Storage Container

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By: Ganja Goddess

There’s nothing like having a stash of your favorite strain on hand to enjoy again and again. That is, unless you pull it out only to find a moldy, dried out mess. Whether you’re an infrequent smoker, have some excess flower, or just want to store strains you like to bust out for special occasions, finding the right storage container is a key to extending the life of your stash. Creating the perfect environment for weed storage calls for strategy, not a shoe box or a rolled up sandwich bag stuffed with weed in the sock drawer. Cannabinoids, if stored properly, can remain stable for up to two years, so it’s definitely worth putting some thought into storing it properly. Here are the essentials you need to know about creating the perfect storage environment for cannabis.

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The right storage container must be airtight, temperature and humidity controlled, and stored away from direct sunlight. These factors combined create the perfect environment for cannabis storage. Vacuum sealed bag is the most effective way to remove air from your package, which is why it’s used across the food and beverage industry for that very purpose. Vacuum sealing is effective, but relatively expensive and since not everyone has a vacuum sealer around, the next best thing to use is an airtight stash jar container. Whatever you do, skip the empty mint tins and shoe boxes, unless you’re planning to consume sometime in the next day or two, because they simply won’t create the ideal conditions for long-term storage.

Clear glass jars you can find almost anywhere area good alternative and definitely a step up from being rolled up in a sock drawer. If you want to up the ante, opaque light-blocking jars like the ones from Infinity are designed to prevent color loss and preserve freshness. If you do choose to go the clear glass route, make sure to store the jar away from a direct light source because UV lights burns up the terpenes and cannabinoids in your stash. In addition to making sure your storage container is airtight, make sure it’s also the right size. Limited oxygen level is key to maintaining the life of your stash, so finding a compact container that leaves very little room for any excess air will prevent moisture from becoming trapped in the container is key to extending the life of your stash.

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Keeping your buds cool and dry (not dried out) at an ideal temperature is key to extended enjoyment. That can make it sound tempting to store your flowers in the refrigerator, because by definition it’s a cool, dry place. Don’t. The fluctuations in temperature and humidity from opening and closing the door make it a breeding ground for mold and mildew, and they degrade the potency of your stash. The freezer is a marginally better location since the cold temperatures slow the decarboxylation process. But it also puts your stash at risk for becoming brittle, since trichomes are fragile. Strive for the right balance of temperature and humidity by storing your bud at a relative humidity around 60%. Any higher than that and you start to attract mold and lower the quality of the color, flavor, and aroma of your cannabis.

Maintaining the right temperature is important to avoid a impacting the taste and flavor of your bud. Weed stores best at temperatures well below 77°F to avoid the growth of mold. Target storage temperatures between 32°F and 68°F to avoid mold from too much heat and brittle break offs due to too much cold. A weed humidor is the ideal solution to avoid the negative impacts of humidity. Apothecary makes beautiful and discrete “grown up” humidors that keep your stash stylishly hidden from prying eyes. But as long as your selected storage ?method is airtight, temperature-controlled, dry, and hidden from direct sunlight, you can enjoy your favorite strains for months at a time.

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