How to Be a Productive Pothead, Even though its 420

"It’s no surprise, that many people still believe that in order to be productive, you can’t smoke pot. Blame those early 90s “this is your brain on drugs”."

Remember when all you had to worry about on 420 was all about the potency of the pot? Back in those days, savoring the dankest, and skunkiest herb you could get your hands on was the only goal worth achieving over the 24 hours that encompass the annual celebration of cannabis. In reality, once you hit a certain point in adulthood, things change and obligations, along with a near-obsession with productivity, take over. If this year was a departure from pure enjoyment you, you’re not alone. Maybe you decided not to even imbibe cannabis because of whatever was on your to do list. How many of us know people who say they don’t fuck with weed because they like to “be productive”?

Maintaining productivity while high not something you’re born with. It’s a skill. I’ve missed out on more than one thing on the to-do list because I was couch locked, and you probably would have been, too. It’s no surprise, that many people still believe that in order to be productive, you can’t smoke pot. Blame those early 90s “this is your brain on drugs”, commercials. However, the best thing about being an adult is that you have the power to control, or at least to adjust, your schedule. So if the actual date of April 20 passed you by without enjoying some smoke, due to obligations at work, home or school, or just the general need to “be productive”, we got you. Read on for more of my favorite ways to remain productive even if you’re a pothead.

The first thing I learned was to be intentional. There are literally hundreds of strains of cannabis with different effects, some of which even make you energized and productive. Select has a lot. This is where talking to your budtender comes in. If you want a strain that’s going to make you feel energized, then say that. Don’t get stuck couch locked because you didn’t want to bring up that you needed to be up and at A.M. with the roosters. A lot of your problems can be eliminated just by starting with this step.

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The next thing to consider is timing. This one feels kind of obvious, but you’d be surprised how easy it is for people to overlook. If you’re starting your day with cannabis, try coffee laced with a CBD tincture or a cup of THC-tea by mixing your own flowers with your favorite tea, like Rosebud or Chamomile. If you want to create your own infusion you can always order tea strainer balls from Amazon, and you can make your own butter or oil.

If you just can’t because you love indicas just too much to defile them by trying to make them productive, then do what you love, but use gap before the high kicks in to do chores until the high hits. You’d be surprised what you can get done on a deadline. If all else fails, then get creative. One of the best parts of cannabis is the state of inspiration and mind expansion. Once you’re fully relaxed, there’s no limit on how creative you can get. So use the time to write, paint, cook, or whatever. If productive only means turning in papers or managing spreadsheets, I challenge you to take this to heart, because you’re not living on purpose yet. Write in a gratitude journal, paint a new art piece, write a song, play that guitar you never pick up, or just relax and bliss out while binging your favorite streaming show. In these anxious times, taking the time to relax can be the biggest luxury of all.

I hope whether you missed the actual high holy day of smoke or if you just believe that 420 is a all year state of mind, if you’re reading this, you’re grown. You work all day, and take care of everyone else. Light that shit up and enjoy a 420 state of mind later today, or any day. If you have any tips, don’t be afraid to share them.