How I Stretch My Weed Stash

Quality shit is worth paying for, which is why I hit up my guys at Select for anything my heart desires. I know it’s going to be good and that’s why once I tried them the first time, I kept on coming back. The truth is, sometimes I hit the bottom of my stash way faster than I thought I would. There’s nothing like going to my stash and finding out I smoked it all and I’m done. You’re just stuck, like “Damn, who smoked all my shit? Me? Oh.” So with no one to blame, but myself I learned to make my stash stretch just a little while longer before I hit them up again. It admittedly started because cash was a little tight, but now I keep these habits to make sure my green, cash, and cannabis go as far as possible before my next re-up.

I take my purchasing cues from Costco and Tik Tock personal trainers. I buy in bulk, then prep my shit in advance. Don’t laugh, but I bought one of those little pill separator things from the drugstore to separate my weed. I buy halves (half an ounce, or 14 grams) because on a per gram basis, they usually work out to be the best deal. Yea, it’s more of an upfront cost, but cost makes up for it. Well, I did that because I thought I would be able to make it last 14 days, but I usually made it about eight until one day inspiration struck in the CVS vitamin aisle. Now I take that 14 grams, break up the nugs into 1-gram quantities, and store them in one of those S-M-T- W-T-F-S pill boxes that your great-great-grandma uses to keep track of what pills she should take and on which days. Turns out, Nana is on to something. Having the daily marker makes me even think twice before taking from another day since it reminds me that I’m borrowing from future me, who won’t be able to enjoy the cannabis today that me loves so much.

To return to the trainer analogy, I tend to the most optimal time of day to smoke. I try to skip the wake and bake. Even though it’s a special kind of high that rides with you throughout the morning, since I get the most out of the after work toke, I tend to stick with the time I get the most out of. The key is having a little bit of discrimination, and after work me is always grateful. If I absolutely have to have a hit first thing in the morning, I scoop up a one hitter. I have, and will always, be an advocate for the one-hitter. I don’t know the science behind it, but a couple hits sometimes get me just as high as a few tokes off a blunt. Having a couple one- hitters per month on hand to make your cannabis stretch for a few extra weeks is a very worthwhile purchase.

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The next take is a little controversial, but hear me out. I save my blunts for the weekends and I use glass with my friend during the week. The average joint/blunt will cost you about half a gram at the bare minimum. My roll-ups usually hit for at least .75 grams a pop. If I smoke 2-3 times a day, then that’s *does the math* way too much green wasted in a day. Yes, I know a lot of people like to skip the pipe, but it’s a guaranteed way to get the bang for your buck and that’s the point.

There you have it, my miserly money stretching tips for stretching your cannabis stash. Not too bad right? It takes some getting used to, but if you want to conserve your cannabis and make it stretch, this is definitely the way to start. Don’t make my early mistakes and just smoke it all, any time, anywhere. Try to be as efficient with your tokes as you are with your time. If you’re lucky, you’ll have save enough to up the quantity and quality of your stash. Be the role model you need, and if anyone has shit to say about it, then you can save even more weed by not sharing with them. Do you have some money saving hacks you use to stretch your stash? Did I miss something? Sound off and share your hacks below.