How Do I Get Weed in DC?

Are you coming to town for the Something in the Water festiva and wondering How Do I Get Weed l? Maybe you are simply in DC for business or a family trip to the Nation’s capital. Whatever your reason for being in the city you may have 4:20/cannabis needs to fill.  So…. “How do you get weed in DC”? The simple answer is DC delivery dispensaries. 

Where do I get weed in DC?

I have been using Select Co-op services for years. Because I am all over the city on any given day when I need to restock, and want to get my supplies where I am without changing my schedule. I have also begun to utilize the services of DC Cooperative, Takoma Care and Wellness, as well as Gifted Legacy. These companies all will meet me at a specified location, deliver to where I am located, or schedule a time to pick up from their drivers/couriers. 

How Do I Get Weed delivery?

How Do I Get Weed

You may wonder, is that legal? How can folks deliver weed to me? These are valid questions. Many other locations have legalized recreational weed but do not allow such delivery dispensaries to exist. Washington DC has a legal provision called Initiative 71. This provision allows for the possession of two ounces or less of marijuana, the use of marijuana on private property, and to transfer one ounce or less of marijuana to another person according to DC city government. The stipulation is as long as no money, goods or services are exchanged; and the recipient is 21 years of age or older. If you are reading between the lines, then you could easily ask then how do I get weed? The answer is “gifting“!

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How Do I Get weed As a Gift?

In Washington DC individuals are allowed to “gift” weed. This means that the person delivering your weed is not selling you weed. They are providing a “gift”. How do you get your weed “gift” in Washington DC? I like how Select Co-op, Takoma Care and Wellness, DC Cooperative, Gifted Legacy, etc all … offer gifts. One subscribes to their listings for “premier” and “select” access to menus. Then you place an order and receive your gift. 

Do you get it? OK…then pop quiz. Can you legally get weed from a dude walking down the street yelling “I got that loud”? No, you cannot. That is selling weed and is not legal. What about these storefronts across the city that sell weed for a t-shirt or a candy bar as a “gift”? The answer again is no. These establishments are often raided as a result of the traffic to neighborhoods. Check the Outlaw Report’s coverage on this issue. The other factor is DC medicinal dispensaries advocate for these facilities to be shut down and raided.  That is a whole other conversation though. So what is the safest option?

DC delivery dispensaries ( Select Co-op, Takoma Care and Wellness, DC Cooperative, Gifted Legacy, etc. all) deliver to you discretely and in accordance with Initiative 71. Whether you are in the city, or live in Virginia/Maryland, or any surrounding state. Anyone can and should come into the city to take advantage of a legal market and the best strains available on the east coast. I challenge you to find better!