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Honey Banana Weed Strain Review

Honey Banana is an almost perfectly balanced hybrid (50% sativa/50% indica) by crossing Strawberry Banana and Honey Boo Boo strains. I think I can safely say that is the the only time I will ever say or write “Honey Boo Boo” ever again. Just saying not part of my grown man life! Honey Banana is insanely sweet and exotically flavorful.

As the name suggests sweet bananas coupled with a honey aftertaste and peppery pungency at the end gives this strain flavors of delightful decadence! The fruity aroma has a slight diesel and earthy subtlety to it that provides a surprising contrast. The buds are large almost oblong ovals with bright green hues circled by amber and reddish hairs. A resinous coat of white trichomes blankets this little beauty. 

I stated earlier this strain is almost perfectly balanced. As a sativa the mental effects are a slow-building high of euphoria, happiness, and focus to enjoy the moment. The indica side slowly creeps in over time. Couch-lock is not guaranteed, but a lessening of energy and motivation will occur. THC levels are said to be between the high teens and low twenty percents. This is good for day or night-time use depending on the experience of the user. I like it for early afternoon right after work use to cook and relax for the evening.

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