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Honey Banana Strain Review

My guys at Select! have made me out to be a liar.  I told you all the first time I ever mentioned “Honey Boo Boo” would be my last time.  Again, as I grown ass man that is not in my lexicon…but then they had to come with Honey Banana!  …the offspring of…yes, I will say it Honey Boo Boo and Strawberry Banana.  I’m losing man points by the second… Some of you all may not remember the viral video of honey boo-boo but I would love to absolutely forget it!
Back to why we here Honey Boo Boo aside… Honey Bananas is sweet decadent bliss.  This is unnecessary sweetness.  If bananas aint sweet enough imagine sprinkling maple syrup or cane syrup on a fresh rip banana.  That is just sugar on top of cotton candy decadence! If I have not been clear the taste is sugary sweet and delicious!  Please have water near by as this strain induces cotton-mouth and the munchies.  Its almost a rule of thumb that the sweeter the strain the more it triggers the munchies.

The effects here are nicely balanced.  This is a conundrum because both its parents strains are indica dominant flowers.  However, they combine to produce a nice 50/50 indica sativa hybrid in Honey Banana.  The sativa effects are of euphoria and glee.  Off first toke you just feel good.  This is great for social engagements.  You will want to converse and connect with people.  Over time body relaxation gradually sinks in and the glee and giddiness slowly yields to a complete mental and physical surrender to the moment.  You are not couch-locked but high energy is not what is happening.  Enjoy just being still and in the moment.