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Dec 23, 2020
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Holiday Edibles

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“Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hannakuh, Happy Holidays, and Happy whatever else folks do or are calling the next two weeks.”


Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hannakuh, Happy Holidays, and Happy whatever else folks do or are calling the next two weeks. Many of us will be spending time inside with friends and family. Whether you are traveling or safely isolating this season I have some helpful ideas.

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Let’s check out some delicious and decadent edible ideas for gatherings the next few weeks. Mind you the COVID rates are spiking so if you it is not immediate family or friends seen on a regular basis you may want to virtually share these edible ideas. At any rate, let’s check out some essential edibles.

The key to all the below ideas is infused cannabis butter. You can purchase it infused or infuse it yourself. To make edibles the cannabis flowers or concentrate must be decarboxylated. Fancy big word for heated up to activate it.

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What about Nug Nog, aka cannabis infused eggnog. You can go a few different routes. You can make eggnog from scratch following the recipe of a chef on the website “Cooking with Laurie and Maryjane”… Or you can save time and add infused butter to store bought eggnog and warm over low temperature. Sippers may want to add rum or their favorite liquor to spice things up…

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Bernie Mac asked the question does something taste like pumpkin pie…either you know or you don’t… I am Like Bernie Mac, don’t ask me no shit like that I ain’t never had no damn pumpkin pie! Let’s check out some infused sweet potato pie. If you do not know how to make sweet potato pie…or no one in your household does… I apologize your family experience in America has deprived you of such basic knowledge. I challenge you to learn asap! At any rate the infused butter will have this pie devoured with the quickness.

Lastly, it is not sexy, but throw down with some infused lamb stew. It is cold and soup and stews have been on my mind lately. You can do beef, lamb, fish, chicken, or a veggie stew, whatever floats your boat. With the stew you can carboxylate with butter/oil, or simply add the flowers or concentrate and the slow cooking process will do the job itself for edibles. Be mindful flowers may emit a flavor in the edibles dish as well. Enjoy, stay safe and stay warm!

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