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Hippie Crippler Strain Review

I like clever or just interesting strain names and this is simply funny! We got the Crippler on deck. Now that sounds more like a cage fighter than a cannabis strain; but hold up as this strain is more commonly called Hippie Crippler. That sounds like a cage fighter ain’t nobody scared of and everybody wants to fight. At any rate let’s step into the ring with The Crippler.

crippler art

Hippie Crippler strain, aka Crippler, is a 70% sativa dominant strain. With a name like Hippie Crippler I thought it was going to be a lazy incapacitating effect. This strain can get up to 20% levels of THC. This strain is the result of crossing Blue Satellite with AK-47.

Crippler has a captivating appearance. The buds look like a leafy moss that should be covering a forest floor undisturbed. The taste matches as it emits a piney, earthy, and subtle sweet citrus flavor that makes it a joy to smoke. This is a get up and be active and creative strain. This had me focused grinding out a video project and then a nice walk and HIIT workout. Enjoy this is an anytime sativa! Awesome recommendation by Select Co-op!

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