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Hippie Crasher Strain Review

I envision a big ass Sergeant Slaughter type professional wrestler with a name like Hippie Crasher or possibly personalized license plate on a big-ass Ford -150 Diesel. The name is intriguing to say the least. Let’s check out the Hippie Crasher strain.

Wedding Cake

Hippie Crasher is an 80% indica dominant strain. I needed something to wind down in the evening and the folks at Select Co-op did not disappoint.  Hippie Crasher is the result of crossing Wedding Cake and Kush Mints.  Hippie Crasher tastes of sweet berries, mints, vanilla, and a peppery nutty flavor.  


Hippie Crasher can get up to 22% THC levels. This is a tranquilizer dart for me. I hit this and almost instantly the body is engulfed with a blanket of relaxation. I lay down with the blanket and I am sure to doze off in a blissful state of comatose.  

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