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High Life X 2 Strain Review

The last time I had the High Life Belgian chocolate edible. The taste was cool for chocolate. This time I tried the Cookies and Cream High Life edible. This has 100 mg THC and 50 mg THC. I ate two of them this time.

High Life X 2 Art

Brothers and sisters for a couple hours I was in the sunken place. I felt myself descend into a body stupor that was blissful and at the same time heavy and dense. I had a groin injury from a yoga stretch I was nursing. After going to sleep early last night off two of the High Life my groin is noticeably better after a good night’s rest.

The Cookies and Cream is not as appealing as the chocolate one though. The first edible I had in the fridge. It was hard and instantly I tasted a bitterness to the cookies and cream. The next one was room temperature and tasted a little better and the texture was more enjoyable. There is still a slight bitter aftertaste.

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