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Hi Octane Strain Review

I do not know when this strain was named, but this is too on the nose. Diesel has been around forever. Jet Fuel is known also. To name a strain, Hi Octane is like when WWF came out with Demolition when folks already knew of the Road Warriors.

octane og

Anyways, let’s check out Hi Octane Strain. If you cross Sunset Sherbert with Octane the result is Hi Octane. Interesting name. I would have gone with Solar Octane; maybe Octane Sherbert. However, Hi Octane strain is a balanced hybrid that can get up to 35% THC levels.

Sunset Sherbet

Hi Octane tastes of tropical fruits and berries blended with rich thick cream. The smoke is equally rich going down… This strain gives a blast of creative energy that also resinantes healing vibes throughout the entire body. While you feel the benefits you will not be slowed down and can engage people and work with ease. I would save this for after a workout though.

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