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Mar 13, 2021
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Herbs For Herbs

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“Mixed with herbs / flowers it adds a subtle pepper flavor, but the cannabis will dominate. I have done this when I had limited flowers.”


Recently, I was reading an article about consuming cannabis and COVID. The article spoke to the dangers of vaping cannabis and COVID. Smoking herbs is not adverse and it is suggested needs to be studied for its benefits with COVID. However, the article went on to talk about how in Europe smoking herbs may be an issue as people chase/mix their herbs with tobacco.

I have heard that before. I forgot about it as I wanted to forget something so disgusting. It ain’t personal cigarette and blunt smokers. For me even smoking out of a blunt ruins the experience. I have not smoked a blunt in years, maybe well over a decade. I present to you the 5 herbs to mix with your cannabis or to smoke on its own if you are dry.

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First I will introduce yarrow. This herb is good for digestive issues as well as minor pain relief. Yarrow is also an excellent regulator of blood circulation and is often recommended for women who have challenging menstrual cycles. Yarrow being smoked on its own tastes like a peppery spice blend. It is hard to inhale it deeply on its own. Mixed with herbs / flowers it adds a subtle pepper flavor, but the cannabis will dominate. I have done this when I had limited flowers.

Next let’s look at Mullein. This herb is taken for respiratory issues, cold and coughs, as well as treating inflammation. Mullein is spicy as well, but a little less harsh than yarrow when smoked. Mullein is almost undetectable when blended with cannabis. I have mixed in 1/3 cannabis to 2/3 mullein (I was quite low on flowers) and could barely taste the mullein; but felt the effects and tasted the flavor of the flowers.  

I have also tried mint and chamomile. I am talking about them both as they both are good for calming nerves, winding down in the evening and relaxing. Many drink chamomile tea or mint tea, or a blend of them both before bed. While they both are subtle and cooking as tea, they both are a little harsh to smoke on their own. To mix with cannabis these are my least favorite. Their harshness is reduced, but still is quite evident when mixed with flowers.

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That leads us to my favorite herb for herb! Stinging Nettle is an amazing herb with myriad health benefits. It assists in balancing blood sugar, reducing inflammation, blood circulation, contains essential vitamins, and has been prescribed to treat prostate issues. Now all of these herbs can be gotten from almost any health food store. I ordered a lot of stinging nettle from Etsy over the summer. Smoking nettle is the most similar to smoking cannabis flowers. The flavor is enjoyable and has some mild lavender elements to it. It is not spicy at all and is soothing. Mixing with flowers it is completely undetectable to my taste buds. Happy 4:20 y’all.  

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