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Headband X Durban Poison Strain Review

I recently saw a post where someone did a comparison on Headband vs. Durban Poison strain. While on one hand one can entertain such a dichotomy and debate their differences… Or we can appreciate the work of ganja Rebel Seeds and have the best of both worlds. The name speaks for itself. Headband x Durban Poison is a cross of I won’t even waste your time.

Headband X Durban Poison Art

One would think this is a sativa lover’s daytime, get up and love the day all day strain. However, the indica elements of Headband and Durban Poison both combine here and intensify in this strain. I am not clear on THC levels, but the body relaxing effects are potent and lasting for a few hours.

The mental effects are to the point where I forgot to cue my DJ Clue metal voice echo… “New strain, new strain”. The sweet flowery earth flavor of Durban combines nicely with the diesel hints of Headband. The sativa elements are still present and do not allow the indica effect to descend into couch-lock. Great evening choice from Select Co-Op.

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