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Hawaiian Snow Strain Review

"Hawaiian Snow is said to be a 100% sativa. This strain may get up to 25%. Balance of sativa upliftment, focus, indica, mental spaciness and head fogginess."

I am not talking John Snow or my man that was the point guard along AI, Eric Snow. I remember a kid from Hawaii in my third grade class who damn near had a heart attack when it started to snow at school as he never had seen it before. I like the paradox of the name though!

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We are speaking of the Hawaiian Snow strain. Great recommendation from the folks at Select Co-op. Hawaiian Snow is said to be a 100% sativa. This strain may get up to 25% THC levels as well.

How Do I Get Weed: Your Ultimate Cannabis Resource

Hawaiian Snow is the product of crossing Hawaiian Haze, Purple Haze, and Neveille’s Haze strain. I’m like wait a minute, how can this be 100% sativa with Purple Haze in it? The answer is that strains can combine for beautiful creations. Somehow this strain is a balance of sativa upliftment and focus with indica mental spaciness and head fogginess. You will be energized to get shit done but too foggy to know what to do. This is great for the evening or a day you have nothing to do but get baked.

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