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Hawaiian Haze Strain Review

First off, spell Hawaii without looking at the word. Now, spell Hawaiian. I had to keep looking at it like is that right? If it can’t be spelled phonetically most likely I am going to butcher the spelling! Anyway, we got Hawaiian Haze on deck y’all. This is a decadent trip to the blissful island.

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This strain is aptly named. I think of sunshine, happiness, elation, beaches, and good times thinking of Hawaii. Hawaii Haze gives you all of that sans the beaches. This strain is described as a 50/50 hybrid. I think it rolls with how the user rolls. For me this is a beautiful sativa strain.

Hawaii Haze can get up to THC levels of 27%. The high is cerebral euphoria that pumps the mind with blissful motivating energy. The strain has an enticing sweet scent to it. The scent is deceiving however. An eclectic synthesis of earthy, pine, and citrus fruit flavors that are pleasantly surprising arises with each toke.

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