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Gummiez Strain Review

Uh-Oh! In my dancehall reggae DJ voice, “Ring the alarm, another strain is growing… Ring the alarm another strain we toking, Woah! Select Co-op is coming with some fire for we now!

Jet Fuel Gelato

I do mean fire! Let’s get into the taste first though. Gummiez is the product of crossing Peach Ringz and Jetlatto. A hint of peaches definitely stands out balanced by tropical fruits, berries, citrus, and earthy dank kush flavors. You will enjoy smoking this strain!

Peach Rings

Excellent recommendation from Select as this strain is an awesome evening partner to chill with. I say this is an evening strain as it instantly blasts you with a haze of cloudy elation. You have energy to socialize and move around; you simply won’t want to!

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