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Guava Strain Review

I have a sweet tooth for tropical fruits. Pineapple, mango, papayas, dragon fruit, etc… This Guava strain is flavorful enigma of enticement. I get my tropical flavor rush backed by diesel and earthy nuances that “fuel” the mind with energy. Guava is a sativa for sativa lovers!

The genetics of this strain I found to be controversial, meaning folks don’t know! What is not in question is that averaging a mid twenty percent THC level this strain balances the sativa energy effects with great medicinal benefits. As the sativa effects dissipate users report relief from insomnia, pain, and the benefit of muscle relaxation.  

Guava looks like a tropical fruit. The buds look like leaves from a rare tree meant to cover the sweet precious fruit. The buds are covered in lime and mossy green hues wrapped in vivid orange streams. As the buds are broken down sweet aromas shock the senses like your first Mystic or Snapple in middle school! Enjoy now like you did then!

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