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4/20 In Washington DC From A Tourist Perspective

When my boyfriend suggested that I tag along on his business trip to Washington, DC I was kind of bummed. I had just been telling him that we needed to do something exciting, and being his plus one at the conference where he was a guest speaker at, didn’t fit the bill. My brain was immediately flooded with memories of government buildings from my eighth-grade field trip, boring! He persisted, enticing me with unlimited room service, a suite at The Line hotel, and the piece de resistance; his trip coincided with 420 Day and weed was legal in DC. Let’s be honest, weed makes things suck less.

On the twenty-minute car ride from the airport to our hotel I googled where to buy weed because everything is on the internet and I wanted to get the fun times started right away. I called Select Co-Op from the car to my surprise they told me that I could have my product within the hour. They offered a delivery option, or I could go pick up my selections at a location close to my hotel. This trip was off to a good start. After checking in to our hotel my boyfriend and I took a short walk to select our bud. The cherry blossoms were still in bloom and Adams Morgan was gorgeous. On our walk, we passed a cute restaurant that our budtender would later recommend as a great place for lunch. At the Select Co-op pick up location I was impressed by the variety of flower options and their willingness to give us a good deal.

Pleasantly our DC trip turned into a 420 adventure. I convinced my boyfriend to ditch the conference after his speaking engagement, and together we explored DC. Luckily we got coveted passes to the recently opened Smithsonian National African American Museum of History and Culture. After several hours immersed in history and culture, we found our way to a late lunch that conveniently rolled into a happy hour. To DC’s credit, the city knows how to do happy hour right. We took advantage of some lively happy hours, and I am pleased to say that we were able to pretend that politics didn’t exist, and found the crowd to be diverse, engaging, and decidedly unstuffy.

At the hotel, the concierge suggested that we visit the monuments at night.  I have to say that was one of our better decisions.   The Jefferson Memorial and The Capitol Building looked pretty spectacular lit up.  They had none of the dreaded field trip vibes that I’d remembered.  Also, they were the perfect backdrop for some Insta-worthy snaps.      A trip to the Watergate complex of hotel rooms and condominiums that was the location of one of this century’s most infamous moments of political intrigue was definitely in the cards.   I was saddened to learn that we’d arrived before the opening of the rooftop bar, Top of the Gate.   However, it’s on my list for our next visit.  My boyfriend wanted to make sure that we took advantage of everything that Georgetown had to offer.   We chilled by the river and we sampled the famed Georgetown Cupcakes, delicious!   

Another worthy tip from our budtender at Select Co-Op, a website called Bright Young Things, an online resource guide to where all the cool kids partied paid out. Through

Another worthy tip from our budtender at Select Co-Op, a website called Bright Young Things, an online resource guide to where all the cool kids partied paid out. Through the site, we discovered A Pop-up Project, a roving museum that debuts a new exhibit at a different location each month, as well as Hush, a twice-monthly supper club held in a U-street townhouse. A last-minute cancellation yielded us a reservation for two, and a night of mouthwatering Indian food, that was delectable and accompanied by an evening of Indian storytelling. Bellies full and culturally satiated we ended the night with another Select Coop suggestion, an Indica-forward nightcap, called Wedding Pie which delivered the desired results, a deep-blissful rest.

I didn’t want our DC adventure to end. On our last day, 420 Day, we ordered room service and began the day with breakfast in bed. The Line’s James Beard chef-curated menu did not disappoint. After a delicious brunch including several blueberry mimosas, and French toast accompanied by maple-grilled pork belly we felt decidedly languid. Hence our decision to skip the 420 Stonerfest and celebrate on our own, so we called Select Co-Op for a delivery. They suggested that we enjoy a lively Pink Candy Kush, a Sativa-dominant hybrid which was the perfect afternoon pick me up. This time around we decided to sample several items from their edible selection, and I’m pleased to say that their peanut butter cups were tasty and delivered a wonderful buzz. Our blissful celebration concluded with hanging out at The Wharf, where we caught some live music and I had the best crab cakes I’d ever had. The Wharf is DC’s newest waterfront playground filled with hot new restaurants, dazzling waterfront views, and entertainment. We were tempted by the kyaks at The Wharf but were too blissed out to paddle, so we elected to catch the city views via one of the plentiful water taxis. Great food, great company, and great weed, celebrating 420 in DC delivered the excitement and mor.

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