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Green Apple OG Strain Review

When I first heard the name of this strain Green Apple OG strain I was NOT impressed and kept shopping. I assumed it would be a balanced hybrid or an indica leaning strain. I was dead-ass WRONG in my Charlie Murphy voice (RIP)! One cannot judge a strain by a name and honestly at the end of the day I know Select Co-op will never do me wrong.

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Green Apple OG has unknown genetics. The breeders at Green Apple Co-op farms are secretive about their creation; and should be because it is freaking amazing! Green Apple OG is said to be 90% sativa dominant. This strain offers a heady cerebral experience. A blast of creative and focused energy overwhelms the senses along with physical relaxation of the face and temple areas while the body is fueled to move.  

How Do I Get Weed: Your Ultimate Cannabis Resource

Green Apple OG strain can get up to 18% THC levels. Green Apple OG tastes like a green apple doused in caramel or brown sugar. It has a delicious balance of sweet and sour elements. This is a great wake and bake strain but I recommend getting this strain before it runs out! See what’s available now!

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