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Grease Monkey Weed Review

Grease Monkey, that funky Monkey…Grease Monkey junkie…That funky Monkey…tilt ya head back lets finish the puff! RIP MCA! Should I have known that song as a 6th grader? Maybe not but, anyway. Grease Monkey is funk awesomeness. Diesel like flavors combine with sweet peppery elements to give this strain a funky hit at first toke.

Grease Monkey is a cross between Gorilla Glue #4 and Cookies and Cream. If you look at the origins of those strains you will understand how they combine to supply an awesome taste combined with excellent sativa focus, energy, and feel goodness. Yeah feel goodness! Shortly after the cerebral blast a mellow body relaxation offers comfort and enjoyment.

With THC levels ranging between mid to high 20% you know why the body relaxation effects will eventually hit. This is not a stereotypical indica dominant strain though. There is no couch-lock and the mind is still active and engaged. Grease monkey nuggets that are between the spectrum of fluffy and dense. They look like dense sour diesel nuggets with orange and reddish hairs coursing throughout. The sparkle of trichomes is a an enticement to what comes next…

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